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What is the Knowledge Base?

How does it work?


What is the Knowledge Base?

Participants at the Sustainable HCI workshop at CHI 2014 (link) proposed the creation of a living archive for the community, a “Knowledge Base”, to help us address “some of the barriers to more engaged and effective SHCI research” (Silberman et al., 2014) (link). In particular, participants noted the difficulties for newcomers in assimilating the breadth of research on sustainability and understanding the evolution of thinking that has occurred in the field in recent years, and hoped a Knowledge Base could serve as a useful resource. But more than that, the Knowledge Base was envisaged as a space for continuing discussion – a way of benefitting from the group’s wisdom in between workshops, and an opportunity to carry on perennial workshop efforts such as refining key terms, answering open questions, and shaping a collective research agenda.

How does it work?

Rather than privileging a limited set of views on what Sustainable HCI is or should be, we have designed the Knowledge Base to enable the democratization of content. This means that all members can not only contribute content as with a standard wiki, but that they can vote on other members’ content. This voting will help us understand the opinions of members in our community, and potentially illuminate key differences and commonalities. Therefore we encourage lively (but civil) debate and continuous evolution of content.

Note that at any point, you may use this resource to conduct your own analyses; but we ask that you do not use members’ real names without permission, and that you reference the Knowledge Base in any publications (The Sustainable HCI Knowledge Base. Available: https://scc-shci-wiki.lancs.ac.uk/wordpress/. Last accessed DATE.).

Further information about the origins of the Knowledge Base is available here.


To begin, create a user profile by answering the questions below. (You may later update these answers in your profile – and indeed are encouraged to provide updates.) This information is not only a way of introducing yourself to the community; it is used to help us come to a greater collective understanding of the challenges we face and how we may solve them. Your participation in this endeavor is greatly appreciated!


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Please bare in mind that this website is community run. This may lead to new features being added or features being changed depending on the feedback from the community.